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I wrote an email and sent it before I found the forums. Thought I'd share with the community as well.


To whom it may concern, Maybe Jonas?

My name is Patrick McKay I’ve been playing on your Euchre server under pmckay49 for a couple of months now. I have enjoyed it immensely till just recently when I’ve been accused of cheating twice in three days. I’m 62 years old and have developed a code of honor for myself that I am proud of, one that precludes cheating, which I view as a self-defeating action by the very simple logic that if you don’t play by the rules you can’t possibly win and I like to win, it’s simple and true.

Just a little about me if you don’t mind. Like I said I’m 62 and retired from the Detroit Free Press 2 years ago. I have 2 biological daughters and 9 grand kids and 2 great grand kids, I was a foster parent for 17 years and have had over 78 children come through my home and we have adopted 4. I’ve been married to my wife for 43 years, more a credit to her than me lol. I play euchre at my church on Tuesdays and Thursdays nights in Grand Ledge Michigan. I’m telling you this in hopes of showing you a little of who I am.

I, too, have been an Admin. on several gaming servers over the last 12 years and had to police gamer’s behavior. One of my duties was to reprimand players for accusing others of cheating. It’s an accusation that I fine repugnant, when without merit. You see cheaters don’t mind being called a cheater but honest people…well it attacks their core personality and their pride. I’ve found this behavior will do more damage to a gaming server than the cheaters do.

What happened:

A few days ago I was enjoying myself on your server in a game when the player to my left said my play was suspicious ‘ergo cheating’ (that’s 1) well his partner agreed (that’s 2) at that time I made light of it and let it go. Check your logs.

Then yesterday in a game, it was either the first hand or second, after the hand I get an “hmmmm” from the player on my left (that’s 3) and their partner agreed too whatever (that’s 4 players now). I ask what the hmmmmm was about and the left side player said something about 9 of clubs and a 10 of clubs I honestly don’t know what they were talking about I didn’t read it very well cuz I was starting to get steamed. I don’t know if I made a gut feeling play that hand or had a logical reason for making that play or made a mistake and played the wrong card. (lol in an early game I went alone thinking I picked up the diamond but instead of me picking up I ordered the player to my right so when I went to discard my 9 of spades I led it instead. No loner there).

Well I got angry and said something like “I am sic of being called a cheater on this server by morons” and left the game in a huff. Justified? I feel bad about sticking my partner but I could not play the way I was feeling. I mentioned the server cuz I haven’t been called a cheater before on any other server let alone twice in three days. The term morons might apply to anyone who calls others cheaters without more reason than one game or one hand for that mater. All the fun I have experienced on your server in the past was gone. A shame cuz I have met quite a few wonderful and very nice and sweet people and had some great games at Hardwood.

Now I got 4 people thinking I cheat, they tell others, the others tell others, next thing you know pmckay49 is a known cheater. Is that justified? I would never do that to anybody.

Now I’m banned. No one heard my side, so here it is. The loss to your community of an honest, kind, good euchre player (if I may be so bold) is my loss too. All around an injustice I think.

Thank you for your time.


P.S. No one likes being called a liar and that's what a cheater is.

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