Archive of previous versions?

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Archive of previous versions?

Post by j7n » Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:57 pm

I've been listening to some music posts online, namely, of the "Royal Ballet" (Simple Version) a.k.a 3DAYSX. I wanted to find the game, "see" it and listen to the music on the synthesizer I remember it played "just right". Stupid me, I no longer had it. And then I realized how hard are previously released versions of Hardwood Games to find. I did not expect it to be so with "trial" software.

Currently the site does offer version "1" and "2" (current), as reminded of in this post. However version "1" is not the first one of those games.

Hardwood Solitaire II was a simple game of Klondike, but with the exceptionally beuatiful hardwood finish. It was less intimidating than Hwsol III with its multitude of options.

Hardwood Hearts 2 had TCP/IP multiplayer play over port 2000, which was simple to set up to play over the internet, which is no longer there in version "1". This is a major cut. The changelog says that it is "no longer available" without explaining why. I vaguely remember accepting an agreement, which allowed for the multiplayer server to be shut down at any time. If that happens (Hardwood moves to facebook, or whatever, no more multiplayer)!

These games worked on all legacy systems, as well as on new systems (unless the user does something to remove/not grant file permissions). New games work only on new systems. I was greeted by an EncodePointer error, and when I got past that the game didn't load anyway...

Shouldn't there be an archive of previously released, complete products? (They were complete, and not in need of perpetual updating.) It could also serve to explain often confusing versioning of these games, with roman numerals, version, and availbility for older OS (there is even one for Win16, which was easier to find). HWSIIR1.EXE, the installer of Hardwood Solitaire II, is just 2.50 MB.

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Archive of previous versions

Post by BarryCruic » Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:22 pm

Id actually like to play some of the older versions too, to see how BSF has changed since its inception and which versions were recognized by the gaming companies, etc. Also I have a ship in SB2 format that I cant open with my version of ShipMaker.
It would be nice if perhaps someone could create a "previous versions" archive on the website somewhere the way some other software producers do.

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