SCE featured in book "Game Development and Production"

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SCE featured in book "Game Development and Production"

Post by Sailing_Away » Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:14 pm

I am not sure how well known this is, but Silver Creek Entertainment, and namely our buddy on the boards, Jonas, are featured in a book by Erik Bethke called "Game Development and Production".

Chapter 25 is entitled "Garage Development Spans the Internet" and Jonas spends some time describing how SCE got its start. Jonas Stewart and Dan Edwards started developing a better solitaire as a weekend project, which turned into more than just a weekend project. Their passion for the "magic" is what drove them to learn the business of game development, and their business acumen is what allowed them to focus on the card games we play today. Fortunately for us they worked hard to establish the multi-user community we have today, though I wonder if Jonas sometimes goes from thinking he's the mayor of a small city to a prison warden. :)

I can't seem to copy and paste excepts here but this is a link to what I am able to see: ... nt&f=false

It's an interesting read, even without seeing page 308. This was probably written before they saw the opportunities presented by the plethora of tablets and smart phones on which version 2 really takes advantage of as does Video Poker as there is no mention of this. Still, it's a nice insight into where all this started.

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Re: SCE featured in book "Game Development and Production"

Post by Jonas » Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:16 am

lolz, I had forgotten about that. Nice find. ;)

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