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? for the game developers .. others may be interested too

Posted: Thu May 13, 2004 9:14 pm
by basilikon
Dear Jonas, Jason, et al (I don't know all your names) ...

I have been considering working on making a Hardwood card games Windows desktop theme, complete with sound events, icons, and wallpaper taken from the game. I think there at least a handful of HW Game devotees that would enjoy such a thing.

Being a graphic image and multimedia professional myself, and therefore knowing how much work goes into a good user interface (especially one as replete with special effects, bells & whistles as the HW Card Games have), I thought it best to bounce the idea off you folks first.

I can glean images for the icons, cursors, wallpaper, and audio for the event sounds from the game, but I wanted to ask your permission (seeing as how you people have worked so diligently to produce some of the most attractive multiplayer-- and solitaire-- card games on the web today) before helping myself to image and sound resources found in the games to use in making the "theme". This windows theme would be compatible for users with Windows XP (which allows for 8-bit alpha channel imaging), but I would plan on making icons/cursors/wallpaper/etc. which could be used in Windows 98/Me/2000 as well.

I know how important it is for others to respect one's work, so I decided to write and ask for permission to borrow images and sounds from the games before taking it upon myself to begin work on it independently. If you are in favour of this proposal, I'd be willing to develop the entire body of work on my own, as a complimentary project available to any visitors to your site who wish to download and use it (I can always use the practice :D ). If not, I understand and will ask no further regarding the matter.

I have been to multiple sites which feature desktop themes and have yet to see any which are patterned after these games, which is what motivated me to inquire about it.

Please let me know as soon as you can if you think this would be a good idea ... I would really like to work on something like this!


Posted: Thu May 13, 2004 11:59 pm
by StoopidBrit
I'd love a Hardwood theme. I'm a die hard addict so pleeeeeeeeease say yes, Jonas et al. :wink: