Pard players now have these options

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Pard players now have these options

Post by sandbar » Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:28 pm

1) Players whose teammate has left the game by whatever means will now get 1 minute to let a human player join as a partner. After 1 minute the host will gain the authority to fill the seat with a bot. If the host tries to fill the seat prior to that, the remaining player will be given a message box asking if that's okay.

2) Disliked Players can no longer join you as a Partner. You will be sent a message saying they tried to.

3) Vote to resign. If your team is losing, you can vote to resign. Your team will take a loss and the game will go to the game over screen.

4) Vote to Abandon Hand. This should be a big one for spades. Now if a player bails and bids nil out of spite ext, if everyone left playing agree, the hand can just be abandoned and a new hand will be dealt in its place.

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