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inappropriate posts on the discussion board

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 12:06 pm
by grandmaS
If you come across a post, be it a topic or reply that you feel is not allowed on the boards (cussing, smut, selling things, links to any of the aforementioned items) please do not respond to it, this only gives attention where it isn't helpful. PM (at the bottom of posts there is a little button that says PM) either Jonas, Jason, tlj97526 or myself and give us a link to it. To do that when you click on the post the address for it goes on your address bar, right click it and click copy, then when you PM us right click and click paste. That way we can quickly find it.

If you can't give us the link then some general info would be helpful to quickly find it, just say "general discussion board, title posters" which ever one of us gets the PM will check it and if it needs to be removed, edited or action taken we will do so.

You can PM all of us and the first one to get the message will take care of it

Thank you