The First Guide VS Player Euchre Challenge

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The First Guide VS Player Euchre Challenge

Post by mickodie » Mon Jan 26, 2004 4:58 pm

Who? Guides VS Players
What? Euchre Challenge to Guides.
When? Feb 15 at 9:30 pm est
Where? Just for Fun Room in Euchre.

We want to keep this fun for everyone, and cause I am hostess it has to be simple too. Since we may only have four teams on the guide side,
( It will be more fun if Guides partner up) I am going to ask each league to hold a qualifying tourney on Feb 14 or 15. The winners will be the players to challenge the Guides at 9:30 on the 15th..
The Rules:
We will play a total of 3 games then play the finals. Each of the 3 games will have different opponants. Each team will have to keep track of their score and report it to me after the first, second, and third game. At the end of 3 games the Guides with the highest score play the Players with the highest score. Since the score of the game is important, loners will
be allowed on 8 or 9. In case of a tie score, we will have a playoff game to 5 points.
The winners will get this cool gift, donated by PCT Hearts.

Second place will get a Mouse pad and some funny money, or bux.

So Guides who are not great Euchre players yet have 20 days to practice. Give me a yell and I will help ya after 6pm est. or let Grey Goose know and she can find some help for you. This sounds like fun .
Have Fun, Play Fair, and Keep the Card Gods Happy!

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