Guides vs Players (Hearts and Spades)

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Guides vs Players (Hearts and Spades)

Post by Gray Goose » Sat Feb 21, 2004 2:21 pm

The tentative date for the Guides vs Players Hearts tournament is Sunday, March 14, at 9pm EST to be played in the Hearts Just For Fun lobby. I am checking now with the guides to see how many will be available at that time.

The Guides vs Players tournament in Hearts will be run by Mickodie and by D_H's partner in the PCT room, Drunkie. Mickodie ran the Euchre Tournament and will also be running the Guides vs Players tournament in Spades.

All Hearts and Spades tournament rooms will be asked to run Qualifier tournaments to see which players will play against the Guides. This worked great in Euchre, so we will continue that method.

D_H, Mickodie, and I have been planning these tournaments for more than six months, with only the dates in question. I am now working on the date for the Spades tournament in this series which I am tentatively scheduling for Sunday, March 28 at 9pm EST in the Spades Just For Fun lobby.

D_H died last week, but we will carry on his plans. Instead of Just For Fun tournaments, this has turned into something of a memorial series. However, it will be fun and exciting, so please join a qualifying tournament in the tourney room of your choice.

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